Saturday, August 4, 2007


I am looking at a lot of what John Smith wrote. It must have been overwhelming to get all this information. I guess that the context of the time in which he received all this information is not too apparent.

My path towards mormonism will be a fundamental change to my life. I see, already, the bigotry of some in the other christian faiths showing up. I also see a lot of the disinformation that has been placed out there to disuade others from learning about fundamental mormonism. This is parallel to the protestant disinformation I saw about Catholicism years ago.

Oh the flaws of man.

One thing I also saw in my studies was a man who uses the cause of plural marriage and the name of God for personal purposes. I am saddened this is happening in the world.

The rode to darkness is littered with the souls of those using Gospel and God for profit.

May God have mercy. May he lead me down the path of his way. May he continue my learning.