Thursday, August 9, 2007

Repulsed by 'Christians'

Well, I have seen the bigotry against Mormon faith. I now have an IDEA of what John Smith experienced from other alledgedly Christian faiths towards Mormonism.

Do you know what triggered this? I asked some alledged Christian followers on the pro Christian Polygamy site a question. This site is proports to be a site for Christians who support polygamy. They invoke the name of Christ to promote this cause. Yet they charge you an exhorbitant rate and heavily advertise that you spend even more. So I paid them 30 pieces of, the fee they requested that is...and joined. I found self righteous narcissistic bigotry.

I was banned from posting because I tried to post a web page that addressed religious tolerance to those who were calling Mormons (all +12 million of them) cultist. Now this was a sad day for christianity. I know not all Christians are schemers and sinner like in this site, but to call Mormons cultist?

Now let's see. In a cult, if you put out a dissenting or different view you are either admonished or kicked out. If you do not follow THEIR party line, same thing happens. This has happened to me on this alledgedly Christian site.

Who is the cult here? The answer is clear.

Not mad at this site. Instead, I PITTY this site and the followers of this cult leader. I think since they breached their contract with me, I should be refunded. Since this sight is more about money than pro-polygamy work, a refund will never happen.

A sad day for Christians (including Mormons, who are ALSO Christians). A SAD, SAD day.