Sunday, July 13, 2008

a new beginning...

I have to say new beginnings are always refreshing...

I am happy to say that our son has improved enough to be released. Most tests came back normal with the exception of the thyroid. This is what has caused him almost as much trouble as his heart. He has HYPOTHYROIDISM. Now he is being treated for this and has improved significantly. His jaundice billirubin dropped to a record low of 8. He is now gaining modestly in weight.

What does this mean? Well he has a good chance of living through 6 months to reach his heart surgury age target. Once the surgury is completed he will pretty much be out of the woods. His thyroid will continue to require treatment. However the side effects are minimal and the long term prognosis looks OK.

Thanks to all of you who prayed. Keep praying for him as he still has an uphill fight.

If he makes it, you will all be able to take some credit.

God's will be done, but I hope God's will is what my will is see my son grow old and live a happy life.

Thanks again.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

it's been a while...

Well, to say I am spread thin is an understatement. I am only wishing that there were 2 of me to get done what I have on my plate.

Today I am going to tell you about public, business and family events.

Public first...that one is EASY. The children were released by the Texas Court of Appeals. There was no evidence of abuse at the YFZ Ranch and now, FINALLY, the law is being followed.

WITH ONE EXCEPTION! There are no prosecutions or investigations of CPS law breaking. C'mon folks! If you took away someone's children unlawfully, would you not be prosecuted??? If you lied to a judge (even WAcKy WaLTheR) would you not be prosecuted for PERJURY?????

Where are the indictments? Where are the Grand Juries being held for the CPS Gestapo actions? I can tell you. IT ISN'T HAPPENING!

Equal Justice Under the Law MEANS NOTHING IN TEXAS! Texans are known for their spirit and love of Freedom. Now, they are known for one famous line: "It's not my problem."

Well being in the state of Wisconsin, we got to witness two incredible displays of Mother Nature and God's omnipotent power. My company headquarters was flooded. The city here failed to maintain sewer standards as was required and when this humongous storm hit, the sewer backed up into the office building. This destroyed all of our computers except 2. All our servers were destroyed (13 of them) and all our workstations, except 2, were destroyed.

Additionally, our backups were destroyed but we managed to recover about 60% of our data. All tallied up, we lost about $81,000 in assetts. Now this does not hurt our income, but it does hurt the 'worth' of the company. I have had to lay off the staff with the exception of key personnel to attempt recovery.

Insurance refused to pay for 3 servers that CLEARLY were electrically damaged. We are considering a lawsuit now. FEMA help was a JOKE. They promised us an SBA loan. Well, if you know ANYTHING about SBA, the interest rates are higher than most loans. The interest rate is actually HIGHER than what I can get from a bank on my own (my credit is EXCELLENT).

So when did the Federal Government go into the business of FLEECING disaster victims?

This has cost people here their jobs. It is a sad day.


Our new son is not doing good. He has lost weight since birth and has failed to gain even in the month that he has been with us. He has a persistent case of jaundice and now the docs are talking about an enlarged liver. They drew more blood this morning for tests. They are planning to do a 4d ultrasound of his liver and heart. His heart has 2 gaping holes and is working 3 times as hard to deliver the needed O2 to the body.

The good news is he is an eater. He eats about every hour and averages 1.5-2.0 ounces per feeding. We hope to know more by end of day. They were talking about a possible liver biopsy.

Pray for Charles Jr. as he did nothing to deserve these trials. I am hoping for God's help on this.

We just want to be able to bring him home and raise him with the other kids we have.

New house will start soon. When completed we will have more than enough room for wives and children to grow into. Charles Jr. will have a special room next to mine.

Pray for God to help Charles Jr. He is a kind and loving God and he listens.

That is all for now. I will try to write more but as you can see I am stretched thin.