Sunday, September 28, 2008

difficult times that galvanize a family...

Well, our son is doing OK. I am sorry for not having posted in so long, but I have been stretched thinner than thin. I had a record quarter of business in my company. I have a son who is about 14 weeks old now and has spent at least 10 of those weeks in the hospital due to his heart.

Tomorrow is his big day. They will fix his heart. There are 2 holes in his heart, one in the upper chamber wall (ASD) and one huge one in the lower chamber wall (VSD). The surgeon doing the work is a crackerjack surgeon who has personally performed this operation over 70 times with a batting average of 1.0 meaning she has never ever lost a patient.

Are we scared? YOU BET. Are we sure all that can be done has been done? We are.

I think our son will fare just fine. It is up to the Lord. We can only do our best with what we are given and the rest is his call. I am OK with it.

Now, it is a time for IRONY. When our first son was ill we had just bought our first house. We were updating it when his leukemia. We came home 8 months later...our new home was complete but our son was dead.

This month, we are finishing a new house. We are almost ready to move in except we are in the hospital and surgery is tomorrow. He WILL get to see his house. However, the irony has not slipped past us. We pray to God for success tomorrow.

Pray for Charles Jr. our son. It is a dark time. It is not as dark a time as it was 10 years ago...but difficult times can galvanize the bonds of a family. Ours are rock solid.

Thanks to all of you for your outpouring of support and love. My family (all of them) appreciate it.