Sunday, July 13, 2008

a new beginning...

I have to say new beginnings are always refreshing...

I am happy to say that our son has improved enough to be released. Most tests came back normal with the exception of the thyroid. This is what has caused him almost as much trouble as his heart. He has HYPOTHYROIDISM. Now he is being treated for this and has improved significantly. His jaundice billirubin dropped to a record low of 8. He is now gaining modestly in weight.

What does this mean? Well he has a good chance of living through 6 months to reach his heart surgury age target. Once the surgury is completed he will pretty much be out of the woods. His thyroid will continue to require treatment. However the side effects are minimal and the long term prognosis looks OK.

Thanks to all of you who prayed. Keep praying for him as he still has an uphill fight.

If he makes it, you will all be able to take some credit.

God's will be done, but I hope God's will is what my will is see my son grow old and live a happy life.

Thanks again.