Friday, July 27, 2007

It's time to see a professional...

I have decided that the mormon faith, although I am not learned in it yet, is probably for me.

Joseph Smith, in my mind, could have had the experiences I have read about. My engineering logical side says this is possible and for anyone to openly dismiss this is wrong. You see, I do not put limits on God's power. Nor do I question his judgement. If I see fraud, I report it. I see no evidence of fraud in Joseph Smith.

Moreover, the doctrines and covenants are concise and clear.

I have decided to continue down the path. I am bringing a 'guide' on board to help me understand and to get my questions answered.

One quandry this path is putting me in is I do not believe, at this time, my loving and beautiful wife is ready for this.

I think I walk alone. The only one I love more than my wife and children is God himself. So, pray for me. Pray for her. May God keep her at my side to learn with me.