Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a new turn, a good turn?

Sometimes it just confounds me. I feel like the holy spirit is doing something in my life, but then it is hard to identify. The reason this is so disconcerting is my life has been full of engineering.

As an engineer you deal with many definitive things. For example, gravitational acceleration is a constant. I won't get into detail, but suffice it to say engineers deal with a lot that is black and white. Today I see what might be a ray of hope in my journey down the road. I am still exploring the mormon path.

Tonight I was working and it was busy. I talked with a friend and felt a warm wave come over me. Like a tide, rolling quickly in. Was it the Holy Spirit? It felt good. Warm and secure kind of feeling. Intangible. It was there, yet it could not be grasped. Funny how my intellectual side was concerned; it was an undefined variable in the equation of life. My spiritual side suddenly relaxed and said 'aaaaaahhhh'.

In regards to the tangibles...I may be expanding my business to a mormon community. I pray God gives me the light to see the right path.

Pray for me on my journey. Ask God to protect all that I love and guard our future.

Thanks in Advance...