Tuesday, May 6, 2008

unbelievable injustice

So with the limited contradictory evidence illegally gained by the state of Texas in the gestapo raid on the FLDS ranch, we now find no huge reason to pull all the children from their parents.

No concrete solid evidence of widespread abuse.

There is more abuse on the outside of the ranch in our 'civilized society' than on the ranch. The CPS has TRIED HARD to CONJUR up evidence where there is none...but the fact remains over 460 children were taken from their mothers, some while nursing, and all done under a veil of deceit.

Mothers and Fathers were DENIED COUNCIL by the CPS. The cell phone confiscations did that, for which the CPS and Texas had no right to do.

Bottom line is that the majority of the kids need to be returned back to their parents.

It is really sad that because of this circus, the people who actually DID break the law cannot be legally or effectively prosecuted on evidence gained from a bogus warrant.

But wait, that would be true if there were a valid Constitution in Texas. I forgot that in Texas the Constitution is DEAD.

So, let the prosecutions (executions?) BEGIN!