Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hit 'em where it HURTS!

At this point in time in the FLDS tragedy brought on by the CPS my thoughts are to the attornies representing the mothers and the children (or should I say THE VICTIMS in this onslaught of BIGOTRY).

You lawyers, many of you, have seen the rights violations. From reports we have, most of you are aghast of the events that have transpired in Texas.

My plea to you is help get the children back. Right now lawyers are the only 'check' that the VICTIMS have against the CPS bigotry.

On a personal note, when the legal matters are concluded you need then to consider CIVIL LAWSUITS against the CPS and the State of Texas. One thing I know about Texas government, having lived there for years, I learned that MONEY TALKS. File the lawsuits that deserve to be filed. And since they decided to group all the children and families into one HUGE CRIME, file a class action lawsuit while you are at it.

You see if common sense, human rights, the Constitution and family values cannot prevail in Texas, perhaps bankrupting the state of Texas will cure the state of it's vigilante form of law enforcement.



Most Texas citizens were horrified at the actions of the CPS. Now, because of their inaction, they will be horrified at their tax hikes.

How about that Great State of Texas! Good people, CRAZY government.