Monday, January 14, 2008

moving fast...

Well with all the studying I have done and the work I have done, things are happening fast...

I go through my baptism and ordination in February. I am also now buying a brand new home for my wife(s) and family.

We studied several floor plans and have decided that a wonderful 5 bedroom plan is the way we will go. There are 2 master bedrooms and enough kid room for the flock.

Business has been good enough and it will be close enough to my wife's sole surviving parent for her to provide the care required to keep parent out of a nursing home.

Additionally, I am opening a second office. This is ALSO good news. I am still working very hard, but at least with good business, we are moving ahead in a fiscally responsible manner.

Maybe, JUST MAYBE God cut me a break as a reward for the faith I have and the adversity I have survived? I do not know, but for now, I take a moment to say 'Thank you God. I am truly grateful!'

We are truly blessed.