Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow what a week!

Well things improved more business wise. I am looking at potential growth all over. Record sales this month. I hope to expand my company to other areas. I am hoping God brings me the answer I pray for.

Why do I not feel joy? Why am I not feeling happiness? For me, well, I know already a second wife is a sane, logistical, spiritual and morally valid choice. I hope my wife's heart is touched by God in the same way my soul has been touched. I do not think she realizes what she is choosing.

Praying I have someone still to share that joy with. With all that Moses endured, he was blessed with a second wife. I have endured and continue to endure a great deal. Every fiber in my body calls for a second wife. I feel God is almost PUSHING me that way regardless of the currents through which I swim.

I do not understand what God has in mind...but I pray it still includes my wife. Another miracle in my life is that now we have a new child on the way. Ever been struck at exactly the same time with intense joy and intense sadness? I am immensely happy that God has given us another child, but I have trepidation about this child's future and happiness.

That, brothers and sisters, is my life today.