Tuesday, August 3, 2010

work, wife and family

I have been careful managing my corporation.  We are doing OK.  Managed to hire 5 people in the last 6 months.  It has been TIGHT.  I am giving to my community by creating jobs.  I could do a lot of this work myself but then I stopped and thought about those around me.  Jobs are scarce.  I feel for the less fortunate so I hired.

My journey continues.  Children and wife are fine but we are looking still for a new partner to bring in.

It is something I am really praying for.  I have beautiful homes and a houseful of happiness.  I know we are not going to find someone easily.  If you are curious, drop me a message.  I know it is awkward, but take a chance! 

In the mean time, we are working on expanding our houses but that takes time.

We are indeed blessed, one and all.