Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unbelievable Sadness!

Well, there is REAL bad news. Our son, who survived all this and had clear sailing ahead of him, has died.

We were told by the medical exam that they have no idea on his cause of death. I know he passed in his sleep. I woke, he was not breathing. I started CPR after calling 911 and handing the phone to his mom. My wife was hysterical, but CPR was more important at that moment than anything else.

I was told by the EMT's at the hospital that when they arrived he was already gone. To their credit, they tried anyway.

My wife was blaming herself for days even though she clearly did nothing wrong. I was told this was common for mothers who have recently lost children.

We were totally blind sided by this even. Shock was total. We do not know what to say or do.

We now believe that there was a hidden, undetected problem he had and it is what contributed to this.

We appreciate prayers. We are quite upset, especially his Mom and I.